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We are delighted to offer all Lincoln hospital staff a discount code, to help them get to work more quickly and cheaply.

You’ll find a hirebike docking station conveniently located outside the main entrance near to the parking kiosk that networks with over 20 docks around Lincoln.

With over 100 bikes around Lincoln and 20 e-bikes, hospital staff can pick up annual memberships at 30% off the standard rate (just £14 for pedal and £28 for electric)

Annual memberships give you half an hour of every journey for free on a pedal bike and 20 minutes on an electric bike– so you can bike hop on and off as many times as you like. Simple when most trips around town can be made within 20 or 30 minutes.

To sign up for the NHS staff membership just click here, select your tariff and don't forget to enter your discount code "NHSDISC".
Please note you must use your NHS address ending when you sign up, for verification.